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I'm Julien, active CEO, Speaker and Mentor

Achieving results is not just a goal, but my burning passion in both business and life! True transformation requires unwavering honesty. With first-hand experience of the highs and lows of the startup world in Silicon Valley and across 16 different countries, I am honored to share practical solutions with fellow entrepreneurs, particularly during times of personal and business crisis. Let's fearlessly navigate these challenges together and emerge stronger than ever before!

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Improving Your Business and Life as a Founder

How to Raise Funds for My Startup?

How to Raise Funds for My Startup?

Fundraising consulting offers valuable guidance to entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital for their businesses. What is the Best Way to go for your Startup?

How to Pivot your Startup towards Success?

How to Pivot your Startup towards Success?

Changing the Course of your Startup is never Easy but a Vital Part of Success! Let's Manage Change together, and avoid confusion and negative pushback.

Emergency Support- For the Tough Time Calls!

Emergency Support- For the Tough Time Calls!

Do you Need urgent help in reacting to a pressing Situation? Investor Presentation in no time? Give me a ring. This is too important to miss.


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Head of Marketing @ Pangea

“Julien Uhlig is an amazing startup advisor! He's fast, goal-oriented, and always delivers results. He's a great listener and understands your needs and goals. With his deep understanding of the startup world, he's a true partner who makes you feel like you're working towards a common goal. In short, if you're looking for a top-notch startup advisor, Julien Uhlig is your guy!.”

Olaf Luschnig
Director at @ Robert Boyle Institute

Working with Julien Uhlig for over a decade has been amazing. He's an exceptional startup advisor with expertise in venture capital and an unwavering perseverance. Julien has helped us secure funding and improve our business. He's a true partner invested in our success. If you're looking for an advisor with expertise and perseverance, Julien can help!

Michael Hofmeister
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Julien Uhlig's vast experience and expertise in entrepreneurship, investing, and sustainable energy make him an ideal mentor for those seeking to strengthen their business and personal lives. With a passion for achieving results and a commitment to transparency and communication, he offers practical solutions to navigate challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

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"I not only advocate for remote work, building meaningful connections, and prioritizing health, but I also live by these principles in my own life. By practicing what I preach, I am able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and achieve success both personally and professionally."

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