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Julien Uhlig is a German-born entrepreneur, investor, and business communicator with a diverse background in industries including finance, renewable energy, and technology. He is known for his talent for innovation, communication, and entrepreneurship, as well as his commitment to transparency, communication, and social impact. Uhlig's diverse career highlights include managing deep technology programs funded by the German government, overseeing a massive corporate restructuring at Arensis Inc. during a management buyout, and co-founding EX Venture, a platform connecting investors with startups in the cleantech field.

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As a consultant, it is clear that Julien Uhlig has a wide range of merits and accomplishments in various industries, including finance, renewable energy, and technology. His ability to manage deep technology programs and generate over 100 government grants for participating companies with an estimated value of €20 million is a testament to his expertise and network as well as raised and sometimes consolidated over $150 Mil. USD from some of the worlds leading Venture Capital Firms, Commercial Banks, Angel and Crowd-Investors.
You can find out more about EX Venture Inc. www.exventure.co

As an Entrepreneur he has been featured globally by Forbes Schneider Electrics, CNN, Mashable, Al Jazeera, LA Business Journal, Fast Company, Inc.com and Many more. Awards include Winner of Unicorn Pitch Battle 2022- Worlds Largest Startup Competition, SharkTank China (Fight for Your Dreams), Best German Technology Startup, Red Herring Winner Global, MTB European Scale-Up.

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Julien Uhlig's mission as a consultant is to empower entrepreneurs with honesty and transparency, drawing from his good and bad experiences to guide change makers to be their best in the harsh world of building startups. He believes in social impact and using his expertise in finance, renewable energy, and technology to create positive change. With his diverse background in managing government programs and crowdfunding platforms, Uhlig is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact. Overall, his mission is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed and make a positive impact in their industries and communities.

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