Meet Julien Uhlig: Serial Entrepreneur and World Champion Business Presenter Raising 250-600% on Crowdfunding Rounds

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Julien Uhlig is a serial entrepreneur and world champion business presenter with a passion for startups. He has successfully raised 5 rounds of crowdfunding with 250-600% over the required amount, and his dedication to transparency and communication with investors is inspiring.

Uhlig has a diverse career background, having worked in various industries such as finance, renewable energy, and technology. He has managed government projects in 16 countries, generating over 100 government grants for participating companies since 2008, with an estimated value of €20 million.

In addition to his work in the sustainable energy industry, Uhlig is also known for his expertise in startup advising and fundraising. He co-founded EX Venture, a platform that connects investors with startups in the cleantech field, and has raised millions of dollars through various crowdfunding platforms.

Uhlig's success in crowdfunding can be attributed to his dedication to transparency and communication with investors. He believes that crowdfunding is a means of democratizing access to investment opportunities, and stresses the importance of setting realistic expectations for investors and being open about the risks involved in investing.

Uhlig's commitment to transparency and communication with investors has earned him the trust and confidence of his investors. He provides regular updates on company developments, and is open about any challenges or setbacks that may arise. This level of transparency and communication builds trust with investors and creates a stronger community around a project.

Uhlig's dedication to startups and entrepreneurship has also led him to become a world champion business presenter. He has won multiple international business pitch competitions, including the Unicorn Pitch Battle World Cup, the world's largest pitch event.

Uhlig's success as a business presenter can be attributed to his ability to communicate his vision and passion for startups to a wide audience. His ability to connect with investors and stakeholders has helped him raise significant funding for his ventures.

In addition to his success in the business world, Uhlig is also a family man who values experiences over material possessions. He keeps things minimalistic when it comes to traveling and living, and prioritizes health and fitness in his personal life.

Overall, Julien Uhlig is a serial entrepreneur, world champion business presenter, and passionate advocate for startups. His dedication to transparency and communication with investors has earned him a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable entrepreneur, and his success in crowdfunding is a testament to his vision and dedication to creating a better future for everyone.

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